Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Christmas Pageant!

Ok, so my friends Emily and Sarah came over last night. They're family friends, so them and their parents always come around Christmas. Every year, we do a "Christmas Pageant" type thing with my 9 year old brother (I'm 12, Emily's 13, and Sarah's 6).
Each year, we have a theme. This year, the theme was 'Christmas Is Creepy' (yes, we did get that from Fred's song!). Anyway, here's the script for it, if you wanna read it! (I wrote it myself) :D Beware, its very...odd...

Cheryl - Emily
Ginana - Sari
Santa - Ben
Renoldo The Reindeer - Sarah

Cheryl and Ginana are roomates at the reform school
Cheryl is a deranged psycho killer, and Gianan is just screwed up.
Santa gets stuck in the chimney, so Cheryl pokes him with a large stick.
Renoldo here is worried about Santa, so he goes in through the heating mecanism.
He brings an unsharpened pencil to get Santa out of the chimney.
When this does not work, he gets serious.

Cheryl: Goodnight, Ginana!
Ginana: Papa, no!
Santa: Hum diddly hum (goes down chimney)
(Santa gets stuck about 3 inches from the fireplace floor)
Santa: Oh my God! HALP!!!!
Cheryl: ROOT BEER! (Awakes)
(Cheryl goes to turn on fireplace)
Ginana: But Papa, NO!
Cheryl: Fine, I'll just get this here pointy stick!
(Pokes Santa w/ stick)
(Renoldo enters through heating mecanism)
Renoldo: Don't worry Santa! I shall save your LYFE!!!
(Gets unsharpened pencil and trys to sharpen it in Santa's nose)
Ginana: But Papa, NO!
Cheryl: You are the ugliest thing in the world! (Hits Renoldo w/ pointy stick) Take that, stupid giraffe!
(Renoldo's eyes suddenly turn an odd shade of purple)
Renoldo: And YOU, my friend, aren't too pretty either!
(Renoldo bites Cheryl. Cheryl goes into coma.)
Ginana: PAPA, NO!
(Renoldo chases Ginana out the door. They never come back.)
Santa: ...I still be stuck!

Lol, the "But Papa, no!" came from a youtube video called "How To Play The Violin" by SecretAgentBob!

So, how was your Christmas? Comment and let me know!

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