Friday, January 15, 2010

American Idol and Days Off!

Hey everyone!
I have no school today! Yay!
Anyway, Idol started on Tuesday! Also Yay!
I made a list of people I like, but I don't think there's been any truly GREAT girls. All of them that made it have those girly pure voices that every girl has. I like the girls on that show with more rough voices, like Allison from last season. Oh well, there's only been two cities, I'm sure it'll get better :)
Oh, and heres my list if anyone was wondering...

-Maddy Curtis, 16, Bluemont, VA
-Ashley Rodriguez, 21, Boston, MA
-Tyler Grady, 19, Nazaroth, PA
-Mike Davis, 18, Boston, MA
-Katie Stevens, 16, Middlebury, CT (Hey, I live in CT!)
-Justin Williams, 27, Sandy, UT
-Noel Reese, 16, Sophia, NC
-Jermaine Sellers, 26, Joliet, IL
-Holly Harden, 20, Rockmart, NC
-Mallorie Haley, 20, Winner, SD
-Carmen Turner, 19, Baxley, GA
-Bryan Walker, 25, Sevierville, TN

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